The Basics of Acupuncture : How to Remove Needles in Acupuncture

Learn how to Remove Needles in Acupuncture in this free Alternative Medicine Video Expert: Dr. Filardo Contact: Bio: Dr. Filardo is a Certified Chiropractic Physician. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

17 thoughts on “The Basics of Acupuncture : How to Remove Needles in Acupuncture

  1. @2009opulentX i really hate ignorance, you really have no idea do you?

    as of recent years all doctors are now having to practise actupuncture because they have realised just how superior it is to their own medicines not only more effective but without the deadly side effects from some medications.

    its proven to work EXTREMELY well and iv seen with my own eyes people its helped including people who have had back pain for 20 years so please stfu.

  2. @fivepercentpatty you never bleed during actupuncture it just doesnt happen the needles are far too thin.

  3. Shouldn’t he have been wearing gloves? Especially since the chance of her bleeding was there.

  4. As a licensed acupuncturist I find this video appalling. His needle technique is wrong, his point location is wrong, and who even knows what on earth he’s talking about. Please, for those of you watching this, give acupuncture a real chance. Do not go to a certified acupuncturist, go to a licensed one. High-fives at the end of treatments completely optional.

  5. @CT2507 I hope you get the anger management help you need. This guy seems like a quack. Good luck listening to him.

  6. Este tipo parece ser un charlatan, quita las agujas de un solo, un acupunturista de verdad lo hace con cuidado y se pone guantes. Este posiblemente quiere poner en mal a los verdaderos acupunturistas y hace esto para q la gente tenga miedo

  7. @2009opulentX idiot!
    these pills need to desolve under the tongue as he stated!!!
    most natural medicine need to stay in the mouth under the tounge where it gets in contact with certain points that help the healing. if they go straight to the stomach, most of that medicine is destroyed by the stomach acids! so therefore no water is needed! ass-hole!!
    know what u talk about before u start opening your stupid mouth!
    and if he uses the top for the pills he dont need gloves.

  8. This chiropractor seems unethical. He is inserting needles in her face claiming it will get rid of allergies and then he dumps pills in her mouth from a top with no water, gloves or anything. I think the chiropractic board needs to notified of what is going on here.

  9. The little boy filth talk comments are really very unwelcome. You guys are so tough- ENLIST.

  10. No not 100 hr, more like 300 hrs, vs the standard 3000-4000 hrs for a regular acupuncturist. Stay away from “certified” ( aka hobby acupunturists ) always look for “licensed”

  11. Im no acupunturist, but isn’t some of the points bleeding and others not caused by the needles inserted at various depths and some are deep enough to cause bleeding and some aren’t?

  12. Jesus Christ look at this dumb fuck he doesn’t even have gloves on. Jesus Fucking H Christ this is terrible

  13. or did you give her those pills so you could give her acupuncture with your penis :o